Smooth Jazz 247 Smooth Jazz 247

The worlds favorite smooth jazz station. With DJs 24 hours a day.

      Smooth Jazz 247

101 Smooth Jazz 101 Smooth Jazz

The smoothest jazz. All instrumental. Perfect background music, any time, any place.

      101 Smooth Jazz

823 Alternative 823 Alternative

If you like real indie rock, grunge and 90’s music but also enjoy some lounge, chillout and world beats. This is your place to be.

      823 Alternative

A1 Quiet Radio A1 Quiet Radio

      A1 Quiet Radio

Air-Lounge Air-Lounge

Relax your body, move your soul… A chill-out radio for daydreaming lovers!


Radio Plenitude Radio Plenitude

A blend of Relaxation, Meditation, Zen, Ambient, Downtempo, New Age and Chill-out music to relax and to bring peace and serenity in the heart and mind…

      Radio Plenitude Swiss Made Swiss Made

Lounge Radio Swiss Made

Fréquences relaxation Fréquences relaxation

Listen to relaxing music good for anti-stress, stress management, wellness, well-being. It can also be a perfect soundtrack for reiki, shiatsu, osteopathy, various forms of alternative medicine, as well as in the waiting room of a dental practice.

      Fréquences relaxation